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gen Cassie by Em

After much consideration, this is what I've decided concerning the new TOS:

1. I will no longer be posting to this livejournal in any capacity, either fannishly or personally. Any further peronal posts will be made to dreamwidth, most fannish posts will be made to tumblr. I can be found daily hanging out on twitter.

2. I will not be deleting this account. It will still be used to occasionally read and comment on other's personal journals or community journals, but only for that purpose.

I'm gonna miss you, LJ. You were my online home for fifteen years. But it's time to move on.


What is your DW and tumblr handle? I'm trying to keep up with people who are leaving - if I already have you and have just forgotten, no problem! I'm helsinkibaby on both!
DW is also kiss_me_cassie

Tumbler is cassiesinsanity - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/cassiesinsanity - and I KNOW I don't have you there! So add me. :)
Yay! As far as I can see I am now following you on both!
Oh man, and the first things to pop up are pretty pretty Hugh and some ice skating. I knew there was a reason I like you so much (besides the snippets of rarepairs you always write. :))
I don't update lj/dw much any more though I keep meaning to get back to it. Tumblr is so easy to use to post content, though not as much for fannish discourse! And all my fic that I still do write is over at Ao3 - I'm sure you can guess my username if you're so inclined!
Could you please add your voice to the post that's just gone up on be_compromised so that we count you? That'd be great.

I'm going to sort a Dreamwidth account sometime at the weekend - when i'm home and have laptop - so will sort out te-friending you then :) Although i'm going to keep hold of my LJ for now.
I shall be staying on LJ, but seems I'll have to add more to my DW reading page than the odd comm I read there.
I will still be reading regularly!
Aww Cassie! :( Still, I've added you on DW so we'll keep in touch. Plus, twitter. :P
Wheee! I'm still checking here on LJ regularly and commenting (Fenny refuses to budge and I refuse to give up her online friendshi. Or yours. Or Alphas. Or... ;)) I'm just not going to be posting. It'll be ok!
I've been looking to see if I can crosspost from LJ to DW, but I can only see a way to do it from DW to LJ.
*wipes brow* Good. :P