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gen Cassie by Em

Good god, there is something to be said for being such a little fannish fish. The one I'm finding most relevant right now is that I don't get bad feedback on my fic. Not because all (or even most!) of my fic is good, but because if someone stumbles upon it and doesn't like it, they just delete it or move on. I'm not worth even putting a bad review out there for.

Anyhoo... there's a ton of remix and exchange fic out there lately and I am absolutely AMAZED at some reactions. Recipients who don't even acknowledge that something was written for them, recipients that bitch that what was written wasn't what they wanted. OH. MY. GOD.

I can totally see being disappointed; it happens. But good gravy, be a damned human being! Say a simple thank you. (Yes, LIE. It's called a white lie. People generally use those to maintain good manners. It's like telling your friend whose new haircut you hate that it looks nice, just because SHE'S thrilled with it.) Then move on! There's absolutely no reason to go on about how they didn't fulfil your every wish.

I mean, seriously, that's like telling Aunt Betty you loathe the sweater she made you for Christmas! You don't HAVE to like it. But you DO have say thank you, and you (should) acknowledge that she took the time and effort to make it JUST FOR YOU.

And on top of that, do you even understand how remixs and exchanges work? There's no guarantee that you get what you want. If you're very lucky, you do. If you don't... see above.

(And it's not like these authors need me to defend them, but damn, my knee jerk reaction was to want to stab the people who left bad reviews and shoot back a snarky comment.)
((Which, incidentally, I refrained from doing. Because I am polite like that.))
(((Also? I've been absolutley THRILLED with all past and present exchange fics I've ever gotten. I am, apparently, a very lucky girl.)))


As someone who wrote an exchange fic that didn't get acknowledged, I can confirm that it feels crappy. :(
That really totally sucks. :(

I'm sorry that your recipient was an ass. I can't even imagine dissing someone who wrote something SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. It's so rude!
I just keep thinking it must have been horrible? Like, why can't I see what was so wrong with it? It's really bumming me out, and I spent a lot of time on it, and I actually went out of my way to try to write something they would like, totally out of my comfort zone, and it feels crappy knowing they either hated it or felt 'meh' enough to not even say thank you. On the other hand, maybe I hit on a DNW, but in my defense, they didn't leave me a dear author letter and I don't know them so how could I possibly know their DNWs? It's not like I filled it with non-con and a bunch of other common dislikes.

I really don't understand why people join exchanges, which by their nature are social/reciprocal, and then don't even say thank you. I had one say nothing for 4 weeks once, until she was prodded by the mods; another left a comment that said "hey, I don't have time to read this right now", and then nothing for a month, but at least she apologized that she'd 'forgotten' at that stage. I get not being able to read right then and there (happened to me in the "friends" exchange) but I left a note, and then read the story as soon as work was over. (It was AWESOME.) Basic courtesy, folks... Basic courtesy.

I know on longer fics (5k of more) it does take a while for me to get enough time to read them in once sitting, but not that long! Especially not exchanges. On the friend one, I gobbled all the fics up within two days (ok, not all. some I just didn't know the fandom and skipped. but most!)
Yes, exactly! Participating in an exchange is sort of like accepting some unwritten rules, key among which is, SAY THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFT. If you feel like this is too much for you, don't sign up. Or only write treats or something if you want to participate somehow. This was the first time I'd ever written something for an exchange - not just filling a prompt - that just got completely ignored. It's depressing enough to fill someone's prompt and have them ignore it but at least that's sort of like, well, I HOPE they like it but it's not technically a gift, and it's not tailored specifically for them. It's maybe a bit rude but not the same thing as an exchange. Anyway, thank you. *hugs*
See, this is my issue right now because my fic was remixed and, while it's a good story, I don't see how it is a remix of mine at all, so I'm not really sure what to say in response. To me remixes aren't like exchanges where it's a gift, I sort of see it as a fan work divorced from the original in the same way that fanfics in general are divorced from the canon, so I can't even say thank you without feeling like it's a lie, and I don't like lying. So I don't know how to respond at all. Am I obliged to lie to someone who didn't, in my mind, fulfill the challenge at all, just on the basis of being a sunshine person? What do you think I should do?
Ok, so I guess I didn't really think of that, but I don't think leaving a bad review is good form either? That's the same as "let me tell you all the ways this is wrong" which, unless there's a clear request for concrit, isn't really a good thing to do.

Otoh, I get what you're saying about not wanting to lie either. In the case of a remix, perhaps it IS better just to not reply at all. IDK! Ack, conflicted feelings!

Although on exchanges, I really do think a polite "Thanks for writing this" is needed. They tried. Just because they didn't exactly didn't hit the mark doesn't mean they didn't TRY. Huh.
I certainly don't leave bad reviews. If I don't like a story, I just won't comment, unless they ask for concrit. And I actually feel kind of awkward, like, they wrote a good story, just doesn't really seem like a remix? unless I'm missing it? in which case maybe it's obvious and I seem rude for not loving it?

And on exchanges, I will say thank you if they tried to fill one of my requests even if it didn't work out too well or I didn't like it, because of course I will, but to be honest I have left a few unreviewed where it really did not look like they tried. I've had people say things like 'your prompts were so inspiring!' and go on to write nothing from any prompt, so, like. At that point?