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gen Cassie by Em

June & July fic updates

Because apparently I was full of something in July. And because the next two weeks are gonna be super busy at work, my chromebook is dying a slow death, and I won't remember to put them all here later if I don't do it now.

Fluid Dynamics
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Bobbi/Nat/Clint and Steve/Bucky
Rating/Warning: Teen and up, lots of innuendo but that's all
Summary: Now that Tony finally sees that something's going on with the three SHIELD agents, he can't unsee it, and it leads to some interesting revelations and discussions.

4th of July Ficlet
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Clint & Nat
Rating/Warning: General, light flirting
Summary: A little bit of silliness to wish a Happy (late) Canada Day to the Canadians, Happy Independence Day to the Americans, and simply a Happy July to everyone else.

a backless dress and some beat up sneaks
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Clint/Natasha
Rating/Warning: General, total fluff
Summary: A party, some dancing, some deadly assassins making the daring move to make their relationship public.

Bring me Pain, Give me Pleasure
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Clint/Bucky/Natasha
Rating/Warning: Explicit, Smut, minor blood play, rough sex, kinks
Summary: They're wild and beautiful and hers, she thinks possessively as she watches them.

Torn and Tattered
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Bucky/Sam
Rating/Warning: Explicit, Smut, Minor discussion of kinks
Summary: Sam is a beautifully built man and Bucky's long lusted after him with his long, lean limbs, easy grin, and biteable ass. He's hard to ignore.

Girls Night In
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Natasha Romanov & Melinda May & Bobbi Morse & Jemma Simmons
Rating/Warning: PG
Summary: In which Natasha's got a mysterious injury, Bobbi learns more about a past mission than she wanted to know, Jemma needs to get out of the lab more, and May just wishes they all knew more normal people.

5 Things Maria Wishes She Didn't Notice the Morning After
Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Maria Hill & Tony Stark
Rating/Warning: Teen, lots of innuendo
Summary: Damn Stark and his thousand dollar whiskey which went down smoother than… well, anything she'd ever had before.