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gen Cassie by Em

I suspect crickets, but I'm feeling brave...
And the women of SHIELD thing has stalled...
And it's a long weekend...

So if anyone feels so inclined, throw me a character or pairing and a prompt and I will attempt a drabble.


Clint and Scott, before getting into the van.
Turned into a double drabble and a half. *g*


"So what was your name again?" Scott asked as he loped alongside Clint towards a completely innocent and yet somehow still ominous looking white van.


"And what do you do?"

"I'm the archer," he said, yanking open the driver's door.

Scott nodded. "Ok, right. Clint. Arrow guy. Got it."

"Listen," Clint said, turning to peer over the top of the door at Lang, who was still loitering next to the van but not making any move to get in it. "Are you up to this or not? Cap asked me to fetch you, so I'm fetching, but if you aren't prepared --"

"No, no! I'm prepared," Scott exclaimed. "Captain America asked for my help. Mine. Scott Lang's. So… yeah. Yes. Totally. I'm totally in."

"And yet you aren't," Clint said with the merest hint of exasperation.

Scott looked at him, puzzled.

"The van," Clint explained. "Get in the van. We've got a bit of a drive ahead of us and I'd really like to get there sooner rather than later."

Scott jogged around to the other side, but stopped once the door was open. "What should I do with my suit? Should I put it on now or throw it in the back or… What do superheroes do with their stuff when they aren't using it?"

"Throw it in the back but --" Clint winced as he heard it connect with his quiver. "Watch the other gear."

"Sorry about that."

"Yeah," Clint muttered. "I hope Cap's right about you."
AAAAAAWWWW you wrote it!!! Thank you! That was great -- all that hero worship and clumsy desire to please... Perfect!
I wonder what Pepper is thinking about the public events of Civil War...
I didn't even bother with a word count on this one. Heh.


The most impressive footage from the battle, the one that the news keeps playing over and over, is of Rhodes falling from the sky. The news is quick to point out that he'd been shot down by a former teammate, that neither Tony nor Sam had been able to stop him from crashing into the hard earth, and that at this time, the extent of his injuries is unknown.

Pepper learns of the crash through her team of assistants, the same assistants who had kept the press from her door regarding Tony and the Accords when they'd first been introduced. They hadn't known exactly who had been hit at first - one of the flyers was all they knew - and Pepper's heart had lurched while she'd waited for more information. What if…

But isn't that why'd she left? Why she'd told Tony they needed a break? Why she'd refused all personal contact? She couldn't take all the what if's that ran through her mind every time there was an incident, every time the Avengers were called in to intervene on Earth's behalf. She couldn't take the dread and despair that overcame her. What if… Tony didn't make it this time?

But of course, Tony had made it this time. Instead, his best friend had been the one seriously injured. She could only begin to imagine the guilt that must be eating at Tony, to not be able to help him. Even now, over a week later, Pepper still feels the horror she felt when she first saw the image of Rhodey plunging to the ground.

She had thought putting herself at a distance might help. It hadn't. It had only managed to magnify all the pain and uncertainty, made her more intensely aware of all that could and might happen. Which is why, two weeks after the magnificent Battle of the Accords, Pepper finds herself picking up the phone and dialing a number she'd never thought she'd dial again.

"Tony? It's Pepper…"
I like that :-)
Oh, how I adore this! And way to rekindle my Rhodey feels… Very similar to my post-CW Pepper head canon -- she put herself at arm's length, but her heart didn't get the memo. And not just for Tony, but for all the Avengers (even Wanda, who she never actually met and Vision, who she never really understood. And who the hell is Scott?). Thank you!!
Took me a while to remember Scott is AntMan.