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gen Cassie by Em

franzi's and gecko's friends write for each other - Dear Writer Letter

::waves:: Hello There! For the most part, I am a very easy going reader and I'll take almost anyone and anything, even though my favorites are listed on my sign up.

For Marvel:
I adore Natasha and Clint most, but am open to all kinds of stuff and don't need them to be the focus of a fic. I also love Darcy Lewis, Steve's dynamics with various characters, and anything with Melinda May or Maria Hill.

Want to throw in comics cannon and characters? Have at it! I've grown fond of Kate even if I've never seen her. I like seeing her and Clint as best friends. Not so into them as a couple. I'm open to learning more on other comic characters.

For couples, my biggest love is Nat/Clint. Have also been swayed to Darcy/Clint, Darcy/Bucky, & Maria/Steve.

OTP or OT3 or even multiships are good! Darcy/Bucky/Steve, Clint/Nat/Steve, Clint/Nat/Bucky, Laura/Clint/Nat. They're all good!

Prefer serious or mission fic to fluff, romance, or smut? I like them all! It's nice if the smut has a lead up or purpose, however, and isn't just sex for sex. (sleepy mornings, post-mission highs, comfort sex, reunion sex, etc.)

I also ike just plain old friendship fic and made family fic. (Ok, made family may be a particular kink of mine. You get extra points for that!) Natasha and Tony intrigue me a lot.

If you want to go off the new movie, I'd like more Natasha & Black Panther, more Ant Man (Scott and Clint buddying it up would be fun!), and I'd adore if you wanted to put Sam, Bucky & Steve on a roadtrip.

Big no's: Clint/Coulson, character death, alpha/omega stuff, fairytale or mermaid AUs.

West Wing:
I'll take almost anyone and anything, although Josh/Donna or CJ anything is preferred. I like the quiet moments between any of these characters and I'm big on pining. But I also thoroughly enjoy the banter and snark.

If wanting to go the romantic or the smut route, I'm into: Josh/Donna, Josh/CJ, CJ/Toby, Andy/Toby, Josh/Donna/Sam. I am not into Jed/Leo or Slash!Toby.

Big fan of staying in the known TWW universe and not going AU or changing the known history too much, but am willing to have you convince me. I love how much these people all care about one another so deeply.

Big no's: Nothing comes to mind. Ryo broke up my OTP years ago in the most heartwrenching, non-death way and I survived it, so nothing can phase me now. Have at it!

Brooklyn 99:
I would LOVE any type of friendship fic, especially if it's between two characters who are total opposites (hello Amy and Rosa!). The relationships between these crazy, diverse people are what really intrigue me. But I would not like any romantic fic, unless it's already an established couple on the show.

Sleepy Hollow:
Fix it for me! Doesn't need to be romantic, but I love the four core characters and I'd love to see them together again in any capacity. Give me Abbie, Crane, Jenny, and Joe in any combination! Not a big fan of Katrina, but a cameo of Headless could be fun. Anything that has Crane learning about the modern world is appreciated as well.

Big no: Incest.


what exchange is this for?
f&g banner art


"please make sure to point out that this is a low-key exchange between friends, that people are only matched by fandom, not the characters or pairings they request, and that we don't guarantee pinch hits either."
thank you!
How does this work? I'd be happy to write you something (beyond my West Wing 10 years after that I promised you) and could probably attempt a Amy/Rosa friendship fic or anything West Wing. Especially Josh/Donna.

I've signed up for Summer of Giles, so I'm a little hesitant to formally sign up for fic-a-thon, but something unofficial between friends, I could so handle!