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gen Cassie by Em

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!

1. I adored the airport scene. Such snark and still sorta family, just a family that's fighting. Clint introducing himself to Black Panther, and Spiderman getting fanboyish and chatting with Falcon... fun!

2. SAM AND BUCKY. OMG THOSE TWO TOGETHER. I think that says it all.
(And where is the Sam, Bucky, and Steve go on a road trip fic? NEED. The snark in the Bug and their looks at the Steve/Sharon kiss. I just... FLAIL.)

3. Black Panther. Also, I asked this on tumblr, but someone needs to clue me in on Adamantium and Vibranium. Because while Black Panther is not as hot as Logan in a cage fight, I want to know which of them would win in a fight and why. (There was an Xmen trailer prior to the movie. So, you know, that's how my mind works.)

4. Oh Natasha. I wish she'd had more to do, and yet I love how they work her conflicted feelings into this.

5. Sus, despite all her spoiling of me at my request, never talked about Wanda (because I didn't ask) and gifs and other stuff gave me a totally WRONG impression of her and Clint and now I feel sooooo much better. So. Much. Better.

5.5 Summer Idyll might need an epilogue.

6. Spiderman. Heeee! Absolutely needed? No. Fun? Yes. I like the idea of Tony mentoring him (as long as there is someone else -- Nat? -- pointing out the flaws of any Tony ideas) and I definitely think N would enjoy a reboot with this Spidey.

6.5 "Remember that old Star Wars movie?" Audience -- and me -- dies with laughter.

7. Vision creeps me the hell out, nice sweaters and slacks notwithstanding. Maybe he can turn into the Big Bad next movie?

8. Black Panther was awesome. I want to see him more.

9. Bucky was heartbreaking and fun and a a good bro, and dammit, how can I have fic with him if he's frozen again? Boooo!

10. Flawed? Yes. Problematic in parts? Yes. Still awesome? YES.



I may have to see it again.

I still struggle with Cap being on the "other" side, but I loved the movie. How is it that they keep getting better?

Vision in "normal" clothes is very weird.
I think Adamantium is the strongest substance on the earth and Wolverine is not a young man so he has the advantage of both wiley skill, his berserker rage that is not really addressed a lot and those strong claws.

Each time they add a new character it seems they take that time from Nat.

I read an article by the costume designer and they decided to take their cue for dressing Vision on the posh, Brit voice of Jarvis (now the mixture known as Vision). They wanted to give him a classic Cary Grant casual in high end styles and materials look. His sweaters are cashmere, he is wearing an ascot that may not be really prominent and casual, but very expensive classic slacks.

Yes, I agree. From the pics he looks creepy as all get out. They know that too.

I see it this Wednesday!
Ah, I have checked on the two fictional metals and Adamantium is absolute strength, Vibranium can absorb impact. So... man, that would be a really tough match between those two.

I kinda want to watch it. *g*
Well, of course! I watch this stuff for the pretty and sometimes the pretty is prettier when it bleeds. I am a happy little ghoul.