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gen Cassie by Em

May the Fourth, May the Force, May the Lord

* And also with you. *

Burned into my brain at an early age with a whole host of other things. The Nicene Creed. The sung (chanted?) version of the Lord's prayer. Allelujiah and Amen. So many things. Things I may not believe in anymore, things I believe in part, things which make me feel spiritual and connected, but not necessarily religious. Things which have changed slightly and not-so-slightly as I left Catholicism and joined my husband at a Lutheran church and then an Episcopal one. Words added, tunes changed, prayers altered. The new hymns and mantras still keep me spiritual, still keep me feeling connected. I know them by heart now too. Will hum them for hours on end on a Sunday afternoon because they just get caught there in my head.

But ask me to sing the Lord's prayer and it's still the Catholic tune I sing. Ask me for call and responses and it will always, always, always be "and also with you.' Always. I don't care how often or for what reason things change, emerge, grow.

And also with you.


Coming from a totally non religious household, we learned the Lord's Prayer when we went to junior school (age 7) from the sheet pasted into the front of our new hymn books. We said it every day in school assembly.

When I started Brownies, I went to Church Parade at the Methodist church and learned to sing the Lord's Prayer to their tune.

When I started going to the Anglican church, I learned all the creeds, versicals, chants for the psalms etc.

I agree, it's always "and also with you".
::nods firmly::
You know, growing up I thought it was my weirdness that would, whenever anyone said "May the Force be with you," make me want to respond "And also with you". It was so reassuring to realize that others who were raised Catholic want to do the same thing. I was pretty upset when they changed the Catholic liturgy so that the response to "Peace Be With You" is different... mostly for Star Wars reasons! (I have a mental block to what the new response is, which works well as I consider myself to be a "lapsed Catholic".)

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Force be with you!
And also with you! *g*
IANACatholic, but isn't the new response "And with your spirit"?
That sounds right? I've gone in a Catholic church exactly twice since they changed it. Once for a wedding and once for a funeral.
I'm sorry, but what is the Catholic tune? I went to 8 years of Catholic school & I suddenly feel like I've missed something. We never sang The Lord's Prayer...we recited together in unison with the same inflections.

When I became a Christian, and had to recite the Lord's Prayer, I was at a loss...they add parts to the end that the Catholics don't. I would stop talking & people would look at me like, "It's not over...keep going." And I'm like, "What. I'm done." I got a lot of weird looks in college.

When I was dating Work!Girl I went to church with her a few times. She goes to a Catholic Church. It was so weird with the new mass. It also seems like you don't stand up & sit down as much.
I don't even know what the 'tune' is. If it's even a tune? It's sort of more a chant, but more than just a chant? I dunno. But it's burned in my brain.

Yeah, I'm all messed up with the sit, stand, kneel ever since getting the Episcopal church, which you can kneel *if you want* and stand *if you want* and dammit, give me clear instructions!
We always stood up together, but the kneeling to pray was optional v sitting with head bowed. I went to a Good Friday Catholic Mass in Dresden one year and the guy I went with looked at me like I'd sworn at the Pope when I didn't kneel.