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gen Cassie by Em


I was cleaning out the way back in my closet today and I found fics. Dozens of half finished Josh/Donna fics, one or two Firefly ones, and the outline for an Andy from West Wing/Addison from Grey's and OMG! I want a special fairy fic to come transcribe them (because damned if I know where they are stashed electronically and it was pre-google docs) and finish them because the snippets are so damned good! I think some of the snippets may have been on the big S7 re-write fic I did but I have no idea on the others. I mean, these are all over 10 years old! And damned if I can even figure it out because I don't even know where all my fics are online anymore, since geocities is dead, Em's generous hosting is gone, and I don't think ALL my stuff ever made it to the National Library (and is THAT even still alive?!)

But pregnant Donna, a cheesy wedding fic with tie tying, Josh freaking out thinking Donna may be pregnant (she's not), some sweet neck kissing smut, Toby and the twins and Andy and and and !!!!!

I'm just gonna conitue to flail for the next hour or so and then maybe my project for the night will be finding them.
EDITED: Oh, hey, I guess I could try and cross reference a LITTLE bit here - https://christinekh.dreamwidth.org/

SIGH. Such happy sighing!


Oh wow! I love it when that happens! (Of course mine are all on computer somewhere because I never hand write anymore so your find is much cooler!)
There is a small chance they may be on a certain external hard drive where I dumped a bunch of USB stuff a long time ago. Some are short enough to retyped. Some are like 10 pages long! I'm just in awe at how well I used to write... some of these are amazing!
That's why I love re-reading old fic - when it's so long ago you almost forgot you wrote it and you can just enjoy it! (Of course there's also the ones you read back over and they're shite and you go 'what was I thinking?!" -- I'm glad yours was the former!)