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gen Cassie by Em

I think it's time I finally learn tumblr.
(Five years later...)
(But I *refuse* to sign up for snapchat! REFUSE!)

Any hints on things I should know?


As someone currently learnin and sucking at tumblr, I think it's useful to think about what you want out of your blog. Are you going try to accumulate followers, is that something you care about? Or are you going to be making a blog just for yourself and your friends? Maybe you want to make two blogs or more for these purposes, or for, say, if you have a wide range of interests. I have a friend with four tumblr blogs- her normal one, which she gives out to people, a more private one, one for weird HP headcanons, and one for reccing fic.

Personally my biggest issue with tumblr is tagging. Tumblr tags are a mix of AO3 navigating tags, Twitter hashtags, and a specific medium for commentary. It's useful to think before you start blogging if you're going to want people to be able to navigate your blog easily via tags, and establish a few. I'm a lowkey person so I mainly just use fandom, not fandom, keep, avengers. These help anyone who wants to look at my stuff, but also lets me access specifics. I know other people with lots of established tags. And then there's the general usage of the tags for people who want to comment without that comment getting passed on, if people reblog you. Unlike Facebook, your comment moves forward if someone chooses to share your post, and if it is possible to avoid this I don't know how yet.

If you run into any problems, feel free to ask me, until you find someone better :p

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Those are EXCELLENT questions! So yeah, I should probably figure those out first, huh?

try to accumulate followers -- Hahahaha! No.
are you going to be making a blog just for yourself and your friends? -- Maybe? Mostly just for fannish me. I think personal me would still be here. Because I'm pretty sure you can't lock tumblr and I don't necessarily want to share a lot of personal things about myself and my family there.

Really, I think I just want to use it for *following* fannish things and maybe saving them for myself where I can find them. So I wouldn't be interacting a whole lot? I mean, if I do wind up interacting with other users that wouldn't be a bad thing, but it's really not my main goal. The friends I have on there now who use it regularly are into totally different fannish things than I am so even with them I probably won't be interacting much.

(God, that makes me sound like a social pariah, which is so not the case, but whatever. It makes sense in my head.)

So one REALLY stupid question...the only way to 'save' something to my own tumblr is to reblog, correct? Hearting or liking it doesn't do that?

(See, I am SO DUMB.)

No heart-ing it saves it too! Sometimes you like something that you don't want to reblog, because it doesn't fit you blogs theme or whatever.

But when you reblog stuff that your friends (like me can see it)

You can reblog without tags and without comment. Or with just very general tage so you can find it on your own Tumblr pahe easier
Things to know: Don't do it. It's a rabbit hole of CRAY.
I think that ship done sailed a long, long time ago!
LJ is good. LJ is really good for stuff like this.

And I have no idea how tumblr works. Whenever I look at it, it confuses the heck out of me.
I think I've decided (kinda) that I want tumblr to be me trolling fannish stuff (which isn't really here anymore - ALAS!) and LJ is still here for me personally. I don't know if I'll really be participating in tumblr so much as stalking. ;)
Things you should know:

(1) This is me: http://reads-randomly.tumblr.com/

(2) You are definitely going to want to follow her: http://donnajosh.tumblr.com/

(3) Tumblr's your public face, so keep your LJ for your private life.

(4) You will miss LJ. Tumblr is for reblogging the pretty, not for getting an interesting conversation going.

(5) Reblog whatever makes you happy. Follow whatever makes you happy. You'll figure out the tag thing as you go along.

(6) Tumblr is all about what you make it. So follow who you like and do not hesitate to unfollow those that are no longer posting stuff that makes you happy.

(7) Tumblr has a messaging component now, so ask me (or ask Reads!) if you have any questions along the way.
1. Ah! Thank you! I may have deleted you? I will refriend you if that happened. When I first signed up long long ago, I friended all my friends and then this week I went back and A) deleted those who didn't use it and B) deleted those I couldn't identify.

2. I don't really follow new West Wing stuff, but may need it for nostalgia. :)

3. Oh yeah, as mentioned in a previous comment, tumblr will be fannish me, LJ will be real me.

5. Oh thank god, tags seem very annoying. Can you edit to add tags to older stuff you've reblogged?

If you deleted me, I wouldn't have noticed. I don't pay attention to who is following me. Forgot you even had a Tumblr, honestly!

And you should totally make sure you are following some nostalgia blogs!! West Wing has a great fandom on Tumblr. The Buffy fandom is still kicking it. Hell, Jane Austen has an active fandom!!!

And, yes, you can go back and tag older blogs if you feel like it. :-)