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gen Cassie by Em


ATTF 3 Sentence ficlets
Fandom/Pair: Avengers, Various & Clint/Natasha
Rating/Warning: PG, none
Summary: Random little things

Happy Pi Day
Fandom/Pair: Avengers, none
Rating/Warning: PG, total silly fluff
Summary: Tony makes everyone celebrate Pi Day

Working Out the kinks
Fandom/Pair: Avengers, Clint/Natasha/Steve
Rating/Warning: NC17, explicit language and sex, NSFW
Summary: Natasha and Clint decide to take their relationship with Steve to the next level. After a discussion on preferences.

Kate & Nat
Fandom/Pair: Avengers, Natasha Romanov & Kate Bishop
Rating/Warning: PG, none
Summary: Playing around with trying different characters. If anyone stumbles upon this and wants to give criticism, please do!

Love is...
Fandom/Pair: Avengers, Natasha/Clint
Rating/Warning: PG
Summary: Clint's darkish wonderings on love